“Our Brand for Your Brand”

Our company is at the service of your company.


RAYGEX is very attentive to the needs of each customer, and the careful analysis of the requirements and technical problems to be resolved allows the development of innovative products that aim to fully satisfy the customer.

Our actions and strategies are inspired by a global vision of the customer and its relations in the radiant climate control market.
Our relationship with customers, suppliers, the market and institutions stems from the belief that global competition requires relationships of mutual trust, stable relations over time, respect for the opinions of others and synergies between the different actors of the value chains.

Research and innovation are the foundation of our business.
The investments in Factory 4.0 and lean production systems in recent years allow RAYGEX to respond to market demands with speed and innovation.



“La ditta individuale AF SERVICE DI FUGOLO ANDREA ha ricevuto nel corso del 2020 aiuti di Stato di cui all’art.52, Legge n. 234/2012 oggetto di pubblicazione nel Registro Nazionale Aiuti di Stato – sezione Trasparenza”

Soggetto Erogante Agenzia Entrate importo ricevuto da AF SERVICE Euro 5559,00 in data 14/07/2020 CAUSALE: art. 25 DL 34/2020