With Rayup from Raygex, you can customize the thermal comfort in your space. These radiant floor panels for raised floors offer the flexibility to tailor the heating and cooling system to your specific needs, ensuring a comfortable environment as you desire.


Panel for raised radiant flooring comprising a layer of inert calcium sulphate material mixed with organic fibres with a density of 1,500 kg/cu m, featuring non-squeak plastic edging, an insulating layer underneath and faced with a layer of aluminium, measuring 600×600 mm.

The panel has some grooves inside to accommodate the 8-10 mm shaped plastic pipe circuit which is routed out underneath the panel for connection to the radiant system’s water circuit. The panel sits on a special galvanized steel metal frame and the desired final covering can be placed on top.

The system is very flexible and allows for separation between the radiant panel and floor covering, providing unlimited scope for customizing the end look.


The raised floor comes complete with the final covering. The system features a wood or calcium sulphate substrate, vapour barrier, PVC edges and
final flooring.

The system offers multiple solutions in terms of looks and materials.
The underside of the raised floor features a radiating element composed of an insulating layer with aluminium heat spreaders with the pipe running
inside them.


The RAYUP RAY product is a radiating element composed of a shaped insulating layer featuring aluminium heat spreaders accommodating a water circuit that can be supplied with a hot or cold transfer fluid for heating and cooling a raised radiant system.

The radiating element can be customized in terms of dimensions, materials, spacing, thickness and type of pipe and can be applied to any type of raised system.
The type of insulation can be customized based on requirements with regard to thermal and acoustic insulation and reaction to fire or fire resistance.
The internal circuit can also be customized and piping can be spaced more tightly for improved thermal performance.

The radiating element can be made to the customer’s specifications.